My Father’s haunted house

I was beyond sceptical about any talk of the spirit world until one day I witnessed something. My dear late father and my younger sister said to me that my late father’s house was haunted and things were happening. What utter nonsense I thought, complete twaddle. Why were they both acting jumpy it was just an old home.

His house was well over four hundred years old and had seen several renovations etc during that time of various ownership. In it’s original guise, the house was the village bakery and history books mentioned that the baker had a large family that lived there. The living room of today was where the family originally congregated next to a large bread oven that had long since been taken out. My sister had said on several occasions that she heard what sounded like young children crying and a rocking sound from nowhere, and it lasted several seconds and then just stop. Well, one day I woke up in the house with not a soul around or anyone outside. It smelled of freshly baked bread. I heard some kids or at least one kid. I checked everywhere there was nothing. I really did hear the child crying noise and a tapping sound and I thought I was going mad, but I know I wasn’t. My own family’s accounts in the back of my mind seemed to keep me calm when it happened.

To this day that event never scared me it’s more a sense of wonder. We simply can’t explain everything that happens in life and things are not as simple as people seem to think.

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