My friend was “taken”

My friend and his mate were wide awake and in their car when they were “abducted by aliens”. My friend said he and his mate were at a stop light and they were just taken right from there car and put right back. He said he felt like he had just been through a washing machine and looked over to his mate slumped in his seat with no seatbelt on like before and he was just staring forward with a glazed look in his eyes. My friend had a breakdown that lasted for almost 2 years he became very reclusive and gained a large amount of weight. I knew him since we were 7 and he was always skinny. Afterwards he and his friend can’t talk about that night, ever. His voice just vanishes completely when he tries. His mate moved out of town and I heard he became an alcoholic. Just a dream? No, it’s a lot more than that. Dunno what it is but it’s really happening everywhere on this planet and more often than we think.

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