My friend’s bad baby sitting experience

So I think that maybe something is out there. My friend was a HUGE sceptic, until one day when she was babysitting a friends little girl and she could hear her chatting away to someone in the bedroom. When she went in and asked who she was talking to the little girl said “That soldier over there” pointing at the corner. My friend told her there was noone there the little girl INSISTED there was and described his uniform in detail. The house is on an estate built over the old Croydon airfield which was bombed in the war killing loads of airmen and soldiers who are apparently still buried there after a direct hit and they just filled in the mass trench they died in. The girls mummy said she had heard her chatting alone many times before. My sceptic friend freaked out and never went back to the house again. She was offered more baby sitting jobs there and needed the moeny but refused it. What would you believe? I’m not sure now after seeing my VERY down to earth and sceptical non believer friends reaction to this. Certainly makes me think.

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