My grandmother’s house

My mother and my second cousin stopped by my grandmother’s house to check on it. Both grew up together and experienced strange things in the house. It was late at night and my mother needed to work the night shift. Each arrived separately in their own cars. My cousin quickly exited the house after entering because it gave her the creeps and it was shortly after the death of my grandmother. She remained outside on the porch smoking a cig while my mom remained inside. She was joking with my mother about my grandmother’s ghost and to hurry up. She did not like being out there so late at night. She asked my if she was scared? My mom laughed and said there was nothing to fear because everyone is dead and gone. As mother was exiting through the living room…the room quickly turned cold and a black shadow emerged from behind the couch. My mother wasn’t able to move or scream. She silently struggled with the figure as she listened to her cousin calling from outside….( is everything ok ….what is taking so long)? My mother eventually broke free ran outside still unable to verbally communicate. All my cousin could feel or see was the fear in my mother’s eyes, her pale skin, and the cold air coming from inside the house. My mother managed to slam the front door shut and lock it. Both quickly ran to their parked cars in the street. Once in the street my cousin asked my mother why she had turned on ac and left it running? My mother was finally able to speak and explained that wasn’t the ac and what she experienced in the house. My other told her to get in her car and get the hell out of there. My cousin couldn’t find her car keys and told my mother that she must have left them in the house. Neither one were willing to re-enter the house. So my cousin called her daughter to come pick her up because she was walking home. My mother couldn’t take her home because she had to haul ass to wk.

– Melinda

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