My husband may have had an abduction experience

I don’t know about aliens and all of that, but my Tom had a very strange experience in the Dales just after the War. He was out with sheep when this large disc hovered above him and caused him to collapse. We were frantic with worry when he didn’t come home. In fact he claimed to the end of his days that this disc was responsible for taking him up to the skies and that he had a dim memory of being inside under these glaring lights. He was then transported back to barn where he was semi-conscious for hours. My daughter found him in the morning , and the proof that he was abducted is that we had searched barn earlier to no avail.

It changed him though. At Guy Fawkes he would get nervous, and he stopped going to matches because fo the crowds. One of the grandchildren – this were about 20 year ago – got a toy called a ‘Simon’ with flashing lights and he were terrified of it -Doris

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