My motorcycle accident

I had a real true near death experience and out of body. This happened due to a motorcycle accident I was in. I was driving about 25 mph, right In front a police station in the outskirts of my childhood city ( i had a pretty loud bike), suddenly this white car cut me off at a high speed, it made me hit his driver side of the car and slamming into it with speed and inertia, I flew right over my bike and the guy’s car. I flew close to 3-4 meters until I land with the hand on ground trying to break my fall but i still end up landing on my face.. The impact on my chest when I hit the bike’s handle bars as I flew over my bike, it deflated my lungs. Then they try to assist or checking my pulse( i was told) I had no pulse, the ambulance was on its way, according to witnesses. They covered my body, assuming I was dead.

In the meantime, my out of body experience took place. I was like a cloudy area, then reached festive like tunnel, there were a lot lights, sort like what you see when you go to a local fair in a fun house. Then my “soul’ or ‘me’ seems to be going into the dark swirling tunnel, I felt i was being sucked into it and As I was going through it towards what looked like the end… I woke up In the hospital, with EKG and all sorts of cables attached to my chest. When I woke up I have no idea where I was, who I was. i was not able to speak for nearly a month, until my lungs were able to retrieve back to normal stage, and was to speak well.

Later one, one of the witnesses told the judge, my pulse was gone, and the ambulance got there, the saw I have no pulse, the paramedic turned the oxygen tank all the way to the full setting on its way to the hospital. The amazing thing to me is that I had no broken bones, only scars from the cuts, the driver took cake of my medical bills and my bike.

My vision of life changed completely for me, basically you have to live your life every minute you can, life is too short, tell those who are around you, that you love them, as you never know . The material world seems irrelevant, and yes I still ride my bike.

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