My not so clueless thoughts on UFOs

I believe we have been on the moon and maybe still are – most probably w/alien collaboration. I do not believe the space program moon mission as presented to the public was authentic. I forget now, may have been Bill Cooper, who pointed out that every time things started going poorly w/public opinion re Vietnam War, we had another manned space launch to divert attention away from this killing our youth fiasco to the rah-rah patriotic aren’t we great ‘conquering of space’ scenario. Can conventional rocket-propelled spacecraft go through the Van Allen radiation belts w/o cooking the astronauts inside? It has also been speculated that the photos/tv transmissions were faked w/Stanley Kubric being instumental in this fraud. Also, see Dave McGown’s Wagging the Moondoggie.

Excerpted fragments from Mothman Prophecies by John Keel:

Brinsley Trench – Paul Misraki – W. Raymond Drake:
Studies/hypotheses re intrusion and effect of alien beings on mankind since the beginning.

That unidentified flying objects have been present since the dawn of man is an undeniable fact. They are not only described repeatedly in the Bible, but were also the subject of cave paintings made thousands of years before the Bible was written. And a strange procession of weird entities and frightening creatures have been with us as long. When you review the ancient references you are obliged to conclude that the presence of these objects and beings is a normal condition for this planet. These things, these other intelligences […] either reside here or somehow remain concealed from us, or they do not exist at all and are actually special aberrations of the human mind — tulpas [The Tibetans believe that advanced human minds can manipulate the invisible energies (all around us like radio waves) into visible forms or thought projections], hallucinations, psychological constructs, momentary materializations of energy from that dimension beyond the reach of our senses and even beyond the reach of our scientific instruments. They are not from outer space. […] They have always been here. […] But if they wait around long enough (after current mankind has annihilated itself and our environment) another form of so-called intelligent life will crawl out from under a rock and they can begin their games again.

In many instances the witnesses have clearly seen the objects in the process of materialization or dematerialization. A glow is observed first, usually a reddish glow marking the emergence of the object from the invisible band of the spectrum into infrared and then into the narrow band of visible light. Or, if the object is passing through the visible band to the higher frequencies it is cyan (bluish-green) before if fades into blue (harder to see at night) and then enters the ultraviolet range.
Paranormal phenomena are so widespread, so diversified, and so sporadic yet so persistent that separating and studying any single element is not only a waste of time but also will automatically lead to the development of belief. Once you have established a belief, the phenomenon adjusts its manifestations to support that belief and thereby escalate it.

Belief is the enemy.
I have come to realize that we have been observing complex forces which have always been an essential part of our immediate environment. Instead of thinking in terms of extraterrestrials, I have adopted the concept of ultraterrestrials — beings and forces which coexist with us but are on another time frame; that is, they operate outside the limits of our space-time continuum yet have the ability to cross over into our reality. This other world is not a place, however, as Mars or Andromeda are places, but is a state of energy.

The flying saucer/extraterrestrial visitants are not real in the sense that a 747 airliner is real. They are transmogrifications of energy under the control of some unknown extradimensional intelligence. This intelligence controls important events by manipulating specific human beings through the phenomenum of mystical illumination. Our religions are based upon our longtime awareness of this intelligence and our struggle to reduce it to humanly acceptable terms.

Somebody somewhere does not want us to understand the true nature of this phenomenon and its true purpose. […]We have been victimized by this phenomenon, not just since 1947, but since forever! It is the foundation of all our religious and occult beliefs, of our philosophies, and our cultures.

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  • Top post. I look forward to reading more. Cheers

  • LucianoOhio

    The universe is more than 14 billion years old. Our solar system is only around 4 billion years old. That makes us the new kid on the block. We are newcomers to technology and know almost nothing about the universe or physics in general. Man’s first venture into the air (via the Wright brothers) was only 110 years ago for goodness sake. Non-believers always say, “show me proof”. There’s tons of proof out there. Sure some of it is faked, but serious researchers claim that of the thousands of sightings each year, at least 5 percent of cases remain a total mystery and unexplainable.

    Skeptics also point out that the distances are too vast. Perhaps a civilization that is not just 1000 years ahead of us, but perhaps 1 million years ahead of us has a better working knowledge of physics…and can therefore make the journey?

    My guess is that most of these same skeptics who need “better proof” all believe in God, yet I would challenge them to prove God’s existence to me. I invite curious minds to search YouTube for Citizens Hearings on Disclosure and start educating yourselves to one of mankind’s greatest questions, are we alone?

  • dreamchild07

    The comments on here have got it right. UFOs are real and we are not alone.
    As soon as the people realize that we would lose interest in consuming to put the 1% in the luxury they think they deserve. They own the banks, the oil companies the film and TV industry and Big Pharma. One small group of families that control the world.
    We would realize we are here to grow as people and learn and create. We’d not want slave for 50 hours a week to buy brands and clothes that makes us feel better than the next guy. We’d see beyond that and instead want to travel and explore, which would mean suddenly we’d understand the guy over the border and not want to shoot him.
    Eventually we’d all figure out that we are all one so if you hurt a stranger you hurt yourself. And peace would reign.
    Can’t have that can we?
    Consume work die. Repeat.

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