My Numerous UFO Experiences

i was now 6:43 am. i headed east again on hwy 22 toward minneapolis, mn. 20 miles down the road i had called my dad to tell him what happened, and as i was coming into bongard, i saw it again ahead of me. i was getting crazed. i told my dad what i had seen and what i am looking at. i drove 20 more miles to the edge of chaska, mn and before i turned on jordan road to get to the grave pit i was working in.

i pulled over to the side of the road and watched the ship go up. then i saw a giant glowing ball (orange). it went up to the glowing ball fast, then back down fast at a 45 degree angle. the ball flickered, the lights on the orange ball turned on and off , then the smaller ship left. i was still watching the ball. my dad was asking me what i was seeing. then the ball flickered off and i thought that was it. then it turned on again and it floated north.

this was my first experience to know we are not alone. 2 years passed. i told everybody about it all the time. it consumed me. on november 28, 2009 at 6:00 pm things got crazy . wendy, mason, mia, and i went up north for her family’s thanksgiving party. i was worried about something that happened the night before with the “aliens” that i will not share with you at this moment. actually, i was scared, really scared! (if i ever talk to you in person, i will tell you everything.)

when we were coming home i was scared that there was someone at the house. trust me, you would have felt the same if you were me. we were almost home and we drove by the house. wendy was not happy. That’s women for you. we turned around and i just couldn’t drive in the driveway yet. i drove by again. then feeling wendy’s wrath, i turned around and drove into the shop across the street. “kids to you see anything?” “no one.” then i drove in the driveway. a-okay, good.

i asked wendy and the kids to come outside to help put wood the outside boiler. they said they would. the time was 6:00 pm. mason and i went out the front door, walked by the well pump and we were standing there looking at two 100 ft. across, orbs. they were amber . my son said “look at the little red scout ships. omg.” i was crazed, but soon calmed down. mia, my daughter, came out the shop door and i said “go get your mom. go get your mom.” and wendy was behind her. she said “get me for fucking what?!” i said look, space ships. wendy went right though the roof (bitching). she doesn’t like them. she said, ” i don’t give a fuck about them. let’s just put wood in.” i said, “but there are space ships right here!” (putting my hands out in their direction.) they were 500 ft. away and 100 ft. across. they were right there and the little red ship thing was trying to get back in the ship on the left. the little red ship was not stable, it bounced all over. when it moved, it arced and was stable.

wendy got violent bitchy. she was bitching so much that the orb ship on the left, with the little red ship started to move away to the left. the little red ship gave up trying to get in and just followed the big orb (up to the right) out of any wake i guess. i stepped with both feet forward and with my voice said, “i want to talk to you. can you come down here and talk to me.” then wendy’s bitching was so much. she said, “let’s just put fucking wood in!” so i said ok. then the ship on the left was floating off, with the little red ship up to the right of it. the other one was just sitting there. i said verbally, “i have to put wood in, so if you are still here when i get back, we’ll talk.” we put wood in, i went back over there and they were both gone.

omg. my wife hated me talking about the first space ship. you can only imagine… then i went out, that same night at 10:00 to put wood in for the night. i heard something that sounded like a jet engine but a higher pitch, winding sound, close to the ground. so i walked out in front of the shop and the moon was full. i was looking ahead of the sound to see it and just luck i guess; it passed right in front of the moon. it was black. no lights on. not moving that fast. it had a swirling jet exhaust. i don’t know what that was but it was human. i can see all these thing in my memory, like picture perfect. you don’t forget things like this.

okay, next thing. december 9, 2009. the next month that night, 6:00 to 9:00, not sure exact time, i turned around outside putting wood in and at a 45 degree angle, one of those orb ships come shooting down to my property and stopped dead. i ran to the corner of the drive and said “are you going to talk to me now”. then like a plasma or fog the light shut off from the left to the right, like fog. it was black as they sky around it. almost like it was just mirroring the sky around it. it was 100 ft. up. now i should have stayed there until my legs gave out, but i went into the house. i didn’t tell wendy or the kids for about an hour. crazy right. there is stuff i can’t tell you. if its dreams or i’m just nuts. so i won’t get into that right now. i feel that telling you what i’ve visually seen is better for now.

2 months later february 5, 2010, my friend, joe, and i went out to the lake, noon, and cut some holes in the ice to night spear fish. at 9:30 pm i was in the living room. i was watching some tv, going to pick up my friend at 10 and go back to the lake. i was sitting in my chair and a blue light was flashing in the windows. mason and mia were in the family room and i looked out the window. it looked like a blue and white light. i thought it was an airplane turning around and right then, it just developed into an orange orb ship. i was so happy. i was yelling, “there here, there here!”.

my kids came upstairs and we were watching them from the window. the ship floated over closer to the house and over the oak tree off the steps. 175 ft off the ground. i had a bright idea. i just bought a 2 million candle spot light for ice fishing. it was ready to go. i said to my kids to keep their eyes on them. i’m going to get the spotlight. i got the spotlight and headed right outside and said, “kids, come on.” so, there was me and my kids on the deck.

The orb ship 175 ft. up just sitting there. i flashed it with the light five to six clicks. bam! it shot to the right, then up back to the left. i went to myself, omg. i was so shaken i flashed them again. bam! they did a corkscrew up. wow! what a sight. then they shut their light off. i said i know you’re still there. my stomach was in my throat. my daughter said, “he didn’t mean to do that.” it was intense but then we just went into the house. i don’t know why. i went to pick up joe and we went spearing all night. i didn’t even him. i’m going to jump around a little bit. there is so much.

i was building a road to the south of napoleon, nd, on august 15, 2011. there is too much to right about but i will tell you the main thing. it was saturday night. i was in my hotel room watching tv at 11:00 pm. i turned on the local tower cam. it was beautiful outside. i went outside and looked up at the stars. i didn’t see them but was taking in the view. i said, “i wonder where you guys are.” i was arching my back so i could get the whole picture. i asked again, “where are you?” omg! right above me 500 ft. an orb ship turned on its shield and then shut it off. omg! they’re out here with me. i called wendy right away. she said, “oh that’s great.” she wasn’t amused. so i called my dad and talked to him for awhile. i don’t believe in god and i know for me it’s all advanced technology.

march 11, 2011. 5:30 am. (about 19 hours before tsunami in japan ) wendy was getting up for work. i got up, i never do that. i usually sleep in until 9 am. lol. well as long as i was up, i thought i would put wood in. she got in her car and drove out the driveway. i was putting wood in and i seen a light on the other side of the trees. so i stepped over by my semi and i said, “is that you”. it was them. i have never seen them like this before. they had a soft white glow on. breath taking. they rose up above the trees. it was a 25 ft. across orb and was only 25 ft. from me. i yelled out to them. (get me off this fucking planet with these fucking monkeys).

Yes i did say that . i am ashamed . i can’t even tell you, there are no words for what was happening. or how i was feeling. it’s seemed like we were there forever. i knew that they were here for me. i know myself very well. lol. don’t take it the wrong way. by this time i knew, it’s not all nicey, nicey, but not bad either. i can’t say much right now about that. it’s a conscious thing, no magic or god stuff. it’s like the dog pees on the floor and rips up the couch but you love him unconditionally (he doesn’t understand). human genetic engineering.

then on may 29, 2010, on my sister’s 40th birthday party in forest city, mn, we had karaoke. there were about 30 people left and my wife was having a difficult time with me and my “alien stuff”. it was about 11 pm and we had the dj in the garage. these are the things that i don’t want to tell you at least with writing them. well we will see what comes of this. i had a feeling. well, it was something that wendy was losing faith in me and they were to help us. i was singing at this time. after i was singing, i walked up to wendy, and said, “they are here and they want you to come outside.” so to my surprise she said ok. we walked outside and there they were.

how it happened, those are the things i don’t want to tell you now. they were up there a ways. an orb ship. i said do you see them and she said yes. then mia comes running from the darkness and said, “dad they’re here, dad they’re here.” me and her argued to who knew they were first. then the orb ship just moved on. i felt better that wendy seen them again. some other things happened too. other people that were there seen them too. my mom and aunt even came up to wendy and i and said, “was that them.” and i said, “yes”. either they are not trying to get me more crazed or they tell me they don’t remember seeing it or talking to me and wendy about it. my wife wants to live here if you understand what i mean. there is so much, she hates them so much or is just afraid.

on her birthday, august 12, 2011, 10:30 pm an orb ship flew up to our suburban about 300 ft away. she was screaming, “i’m not looking at them, i’m not looking at them” and looked out the passenger window. i jumped out and said, “hey” as i gave them a wave but she was so upset, they moved on. i got back in and she bitched all the way home. i don’t fear them and never have. they made me nervous only once. they did something to me that made my skin fall off in patches on my legs. it was funny, i was in my truck up north and they wanted me to come outside because i was having a reaction to what they were doing to me. it was suppose to make me stronger but i ended up getting sick. when i got home that weekend they fixed me right up. lol.

this is one of the things i don’t like to talk about. conciseness, human genetic engineering, i don’t want to talk about that right now. i don’t feel special, but the only one that says you’re not special, is everyone else. i am growing and i need, just like everyone else. i don’t do things compulsively. i calculate everything. i know what i have to do but don’t know how to do it. i hope that makes sense. maybe you can explain it to me. lol.

i could write 10 more pages with what i know. what i feel, there is not enough trees in the world to supply the paper. lol. what i am asking of you is still a mystery, even for me. i think some sense could come out of this .I feel like i know them. just like we both know people. i understand, i know i do, i will see how you respond to this. its not all about me, it’s all about us. this i told you is real. my address is ***

fast forward , today they are my friends and the sights and knowledge, awareness , understating , they have shown me . wendy still hates them . but she stood there in front of them . and i know why she hates them so much . she knows they know everything that is going on in here head and she cant hide . shame . and on a lighter note .Why me………… well i know why now …….I cant tell you that …. you wouldn’t like it … they are working up to something huge and all of you will be hearing from them . i just cant wait …. 😉 – vincent fischer

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  • Vincent L Fischer

    this is vincent fischer ……… and this is my story ………… its not all there .. some one has chopped it up….. rcomadmin.. its not your truth .. its mine . share it but don’t say its yours ..

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