My series of UFO encounters

I saw a silver classic disk shaped UFO with a dome on top in 1975. We lived less than 2 miles from the runway at Offutt AFB in Belevue, Nebraska. I was tying my sneaker laces while sitting on a curb outside my townhouse when I heard something in my head tell me to “look up”. It was clear as any speech, but it was telepathic I am sure. I looked up to see this disk flying very slowly from the AFB and then stop in a position directly in front of and above me about 1000 feet from the ground. It was quite close and I could see it clearly. After it stopped for about 10-15 seconds it shot like a bullet out of a gun straight up into one of the clearest deep blue skies I have ever seen. It was literally gone in a flash.

It was not until about 20 years later when I read a transcript of a TV program hosted by Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney Corporation in which he made matter of fact comments about the reality of UFO’s. Later research showed this program only aired in a handful of states in the desert southwest of the USA in the early `90s.

Some years later I managed to get a video copy of the program. One of the bullet points he made in the film was that in 1975 every Strategic Air Command (SAC) Air Force Base was visited by UFO’s. Offutt AFB is and was the SAC headquarters. This I feel offered real credibility to my account. I know what I saw. i remember it as if it were yesterday. I have since had numerous close encounters with UFO’s, including a cigar shaped craft that I witnessed being met at night by paratroopers that I saw jump from a C130 in the north end of Dolly Sods Wilderness Area earlier that day. It seemed the military had a brief 15 minute interaction with this craft around 10pm one night in the late `80s.

Six months later two highly respected scientists I knew well said they saw the same craft I described about 50 miles north on the same mountain range where I witnessed the meeting. They lived in Winchester, VA and told me that everyone in their valley had seen the craft hovering for hours in the north during daylight hours. I had told them of my encounter the day after it happened. They thought i was a bit nuts, but after they saw it they offered their apologies for poking fun at me at the time.

I’ve had other more dramatic close up encounters in the mid `90s. Some I would consider possible man made craft, but others were simply glowing balls of light which clearly acted with intelligence and responded to my thoughts.

Then less than two years ago my grown son and I were shining very high powered lasers at some very anomalous craft flying erratic high speed patterns above our house and one of them stopped and illuminated the most bright and perfectly circular and evenly lit disk which appeared about the half the size of the full moon. The light was extremely unique as the brightness from edge to edge was absolutely the same. Also, it slowly powered up from nothing to very bright, stayed bright for about 5-6 seconds and then powered down slowly as if it were saying hello in response to our lasers. There appeared to be many of these flying above us as if engaged in some sort of skirmish. With what I have no idea. – Charlie Sheen

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