My son can leave his body at will

My son, when he was 11 had an ‘out of body’ experience but was a bit different. He actually went back into another life. He did this in his sleep and was speaking in a Scottish accent. He talked briefly about it but did not want to get into details. A few months later, we discussed it. I asked him if he could remember the ‘dream’ and he said that he left his body and went back into another life, in Scotland. He said, let me think and he started tapping the middle of his forehead. He then left his body at will. I let him experience this for a couple of minutes then I asked him to come back and talk to me. What he described to me was absolutely incredible. I believe that my son went back into a past life, in his sleep and at will. This was and is so fascinating to me and if you do not believe in those kinds of things, nothing will convince you of it. He can see spirits, even on a tv show. He can see the good, bad and the ugly. Clairvoyance, medium, I don’t know what he is.

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