My Ghost Story From Years Ago

Here is a true story. Many years ago I was driving over a small hump-back bridge. I thought I could see it was clear ahead, so I started to change an 8-track tape (gives you some idea of how long ago it was lol). Halfway through changing the tape, I looked up and saw a small child right in front of my car. He was so small that he disappeared from view as I hit the brakes. Fortunately I hadn’t hit him but I decided to report the incident to the local police station, just in case, & told them that it happened exactly at 3pm.

The next day I visited my mother. As I walked through the door, she asked me if anything had happened to me the previous day. I said “no, why?” ( I never wanted to worry her about anything). My mother then said that she had heard my dead grandmother shout out my name and it was so strong and loud that she actually noted down the time ….. 3pm exactly. -lee

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