Near drowning caused NDE

I too had a nde and was revived when I was a child of ten from drowning. I was in Barbados on the beach with my family. A wave pulled me out into the ocean and the current pulled me under. I saw colors that looked like gel and they were colors I never saw before a Kaleidoscope of colors like a galaxy. I saw my mom crying over me on the beach and my dad who was yelling at me to pull through when I was being resuscitated.

I commanded myself to touch my body but felt nothing although I felt the motion of my hands moving there was nothing there. It was so strange feeling my head turning and my body moving. I went into a light that had shadows of people talking, then I passed the light. My mind was still working and I felt I was being absorbed by the Universe into a mist and felt a message that God was the Universe.

My mom believed me, my dad said i was hallucinating. My dad did not believe me until I told him I saw a dog by him,when I described the dog, it was my dad’s when he was a kid.

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