Night terror while out of my body

I used to sleep walk and have night terrors a lot as a kid. These incidents where I was in an altered state would go on for a few minutes or it could last an hour or more. My father would often be the one to hear me and find me stumbling around rummaging through drawers and cabinets. He said I would look like i’m awake from a distance. He always try and wake me up he would grab my shoulders with both hands and just rattle me. I would be yelling, screaming, talking to myself, speaking jibberish or whatever. I had no actual control over my body or what I said or did. He would make me walk around, try and snap me out of it by splashing water on my face.

I told him years later that I remembered it all. He didn’t believe me. I never did tell him that I could see it happening to me, usually just slightly above myself. A perfect view to watch the madness as I can see myself acting like an animal. I never put too much thought into it all until later in life. Too many things that are not explained. Most of them stopped happening when I reached about 13 years old.

There was one more other memorable “out of body experience” I had when I was 18 and that one was probably the most bizarre as I as around a lot of friends. I was sleeping on the sofa but I could see and hear everything that was going on throughout the house. People in the kitchen, upstairs, I was just floating around. Asked a few friend about things they talked about the next day, and I was spot on. I am not 30 and it has never happened again. Weird but nothing that ever bothered me.

I am sure that this happens to many people, and they either forget about it like a dream, can’t admit it, or have no interest in pursuing it further.

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