No doubt Ghosts happen

After I saw the full-body, full-color apparition of my grandmother walking down the well-lit hall in my mother’s house, twice, about a year apart, both times to my great surprise, I wasn’t expecting her, thinking about her, hoping to see her, I didn’t even like her . . . I had no doubt that ghosts happen.

Then four months after my father died, I suddenly, again to my great surprise, “felt” his presence sitting in the passenger seat as I was driving. Didn’t see him. Then he said, clear as a bell, “It’s not at all like I thought it would be . . . it’s not at all like I thought it would be.”

And then his presence faded away.

He was a good Christian with a very conventional religious belief in the way heaven would be, God, angels, mansions, streets paved with gold, all that . . . so to hear him say, in a somewhat bewildered way, “It’s not at all like I thought it would be,” was very interesting, the kind of thing he would only say if he’d been handed a big surprise.

Then one day the door of my gun safe “opened itself,” while I was in the other room emailing my brother to tell him how I’d come home to find the gun safe open, nothing missing, and nobody had been there. It was a heavy safe with a combination lock it has never opened itself and once it is closed it is closed. That moment gave me the most eerie of feelings.

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