No longer a skeptic

I am not sceptic. When I lived in England, we used to entertain my ex-husbands bosses, among them was a man that had been a witness in a wooded area on the base close to where we were stationed, and his story was well documented. He is part of that group that was made up of everything from a former astronaut, jet pilots and commercial air line pilots, top military brass and the ex- mayor of Phoenix. When I was a teen, I witnessed along with my dad and several of my siblings, in broad daylight 6 identical metallic Ufos in the sky, my dad pulled onto the shoulder and we watched the crafts for at least 15 minutes. I have a,ways been interested in authentic sightings, as most times there is some logical explanation, but some of the sightings are very real, I find it odd that the Repubs idolize Reagon, but they never bring up the fact that he and his wife claimed to have seem a UFO in during their Hollywood days, so has Carter, and everyone laughed at Kucinich when he said he had witnessed a sighting. I don’t doubt that they exist and that we have been contacted for a long time. I say that they should land in every world leader’s front lawn, and instantly wars would cease. I know about the man you are talking about, he’s got volumes which he claims are his conversations with those other worlders.
there is very little intelligent life here on earth. Mostly echo people who will believe the dogma repeated enough times, so that they memorize it, and repeat it as though it is truth. We really don’t know for certain sure what is all around us, even on the same plane that we occupy. I have an open mind, that understands that the possibilities are endless. Nothing is set in stone. Science comes the closest , yet science is a matter of discoveries still to be .

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