Not sure what happened

I am not for certain if I was abducted or what you would call a abductee.. or if this was more a paranormal kind of thing, but one night in the early hours of the morning while I was asleep I heard someone whispering into my left ear. I opened my eyes expecting to see my son and I saw this being made out of light or energy it was transparent. The thing had a glow that reflected off my tv and picture frames. I literally jumped out of my skin and automatically went into fight/flight mode. In your own bedroom you don’t have anywhere to run to and my scrambelled brain was in fight mode. As I jumped with my back to the wall facing this being across my room the creature seemlessly moved a few more paces across my bedroom floor. I jerked again when it moved I was panicking. When I did that it quickly moved back is was tall over 6 and a half feet and it began to de-materialize like they do when they beam people up and down in star trek. It was gone in about two seconds or less. When it de-materilized it shot right up through the ceiling and made a kind of popping sound. Now I was watching a video about the Holographic universe and the being I saw is almost identical to what they show there. I thought I had dreamed this until the following evening my wife told me she also saw the same being I had. She told me she awoke to the feeling of someone standing over her and there was a siloutte of a figure engulfed in a gold/white light there in the bedroom. She said she pulled the covers over her head closed her eyes and hoped it would not hurt her. The Universe is a very mysterious place we really don’t understand what is happening on our planet.

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