Observed unknown craft

I am considered to be a rather matter-of-fact level-headed man of 72 years and enjoy a smattering of credibility in my village. I observed a rather large, intelligently driven craft, definitely alien to any of our technology, performing in an astounding manner, and doing so within my sight for 40 minutes. On another occasion I saw a circular craft as long as 3 – 747s take off from our railroad yards and move off to my right before simply disappearing slowly into the night sky. It turned from horizontal and rotated to near vertical, exposing its underbody to me as it went off. It was 300 yards away. My account is quite similiar to thousands around the world every year. A reasonable man would hesitate to mock or deride we people. Remember, the “Flying Saucers” of the 50’s were well believed and all the information came from one responsible, civically prominent man in the Mt. Rainer area of Washington State USA…He was a pilot, councilman and deputy sheriff.

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