Orbs In Chillingham Castle

I don’t believe in ghosts, I’m atheist but I have had one experience that to this day I cannot explain & it drives me mad. I was staying in Chillingham Castle with my husband & his family, I was the only one who doesn’t believe in ghosts, they were trying to communicate with ghosts.

I went off & sat on my own away from everyone and what I considered a nonsensical waste of time. Anyway, I suddenly felt very drained, I could barely move, I told them I could feel something touching my head, they turned the camera onto me & a light orb came out of my head. Then I said I could feel it in my back, out comes another, my left hand on the table, out came another orb of light.

That went on for five minutes, me stating I could feel something like static touching me in a specific place & a light orb coming from that exact place, no other orbs before or after, only visible via camera. It stopped & I felt normal again.

I would love an explanation, but maybe science hasn’t caught up yet?

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