Ouija board from the 60’s

in my early teens my friends and i found the ouija board my mom and her friend had bought in the 60s. we fooled around with it a lot and i even got a second one which i took to Florida on an orchestra trip. as we were using it in our hotel room, someone asked if anyone or thing was on the room with us, and of course the answer was yes. within a minute of asking, the lamp light bulb next to us EXPLODED into tiny pieces and all the other lights went out. that was enough for me.

i put them on the top of my closet upon returning home and forgot about it, until one night i could physically not cross the threshold of my room. i just knew it was the boards and had my mom remove them. immediately i was able to enter. after that we experienced terrible things like my brother and i being touched in our beds at night and other strange phenomena. this continued at the next house we moved into.

i will never touch another as long as I live. i can’t believe they’re sold in the toy sections of stores

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