Our old house

Actually I still struggle to believe what happened in our old house, even since everyone sleeping at our place came out devastated in the morning. We had a nice flat in a house built 1903, but one room was impossible to heat, it was freezing and never got comfortable, the radiator kept braking down even if I fixed it and it was full functioning it still went ice cold in a couple of hours. My three year old kept talking about a man who was angry, about dead children who was staring at him and neighbours told me about how they saw a man at the house. Other people and especially children saw a angry old man in the windows, I never saw anything but when my mom slept in the room she woke up with a man pushing her, she left for a glass of water and returned to the room only to find the bed trashed, bedding spread around the very cold room. Strange all of it. When we moved, my son never talked about this kind if things again, I think he forgot. I still don’t believe in ghosts…

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