Paranormal disturbance at Blossoms Hotel in Chester

I have encountered a ghost / spirit at Blossoms Hotel in Chester 14 years ago I was staying there with a friend during a shopping trip. I was woken up by something jumping on me I felt 4 paws like a cat or small dog I was on my side and was trying to take in what was happening I did not want to look, but was not frightened I could just feel the weight of it on me, it was there for a couple of minutes and the it jumped off I could feel the pressure increasing as It was about to do this, there was no noise ,when it jumped off it would have been in front of me but I saw nothing. The air got very cold and there weren’t enough covers to keep my bones warm.

I heard pacing in the hallway which kept me up. After getting a cup of water I took a peek out the door to see who was restless. Not a sign that there had been anyone about.

I did want to ask the staff if anyone else had any experience of this or similar but thought better of it as they might think I was mad, but I wish that I had as I would love to know. .
Until you experience it you will then know there is more to this life / afterlife than we truly understand.


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