Paranormal Disturbance

I’m not a believer in anything supernatural or ghosts and ghouls, but years ago when my brother and I we’re kids I can clearly remember something ghostly happening. All four of us were sitting down for tea with Mum and Dad we all heard some strange banging noise but thought it was something to do with the neighbours as walls were paper thin. Then as it got louder and heavier we realised it was coming from upstairs. My Dad shot up the stairs like a rocket and we followed only to find my brothers room had been trashed, even shelves had been ripped off the walls.

Everything was knocked over, broken, or on the floor. It couldn’t have been a trespasser as the window was locked and no one could’ve got past us without being noticed. We could find no explanation unless there had been a mini earthquake or explosion which only affected one room. To this day I still have no idea!

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