Paranormal moment at Kerr Dam in Wilksboro North Carolina

My husband and I were in Wilksboro N.C. at the Kerr Dam. We had parked the car on the dam — no hill on flat pavement. We both left our car doors open and got out to take pictures . My husband was across the road from the car and I was on his side of the car. Next thing you know my car door slammed shut on the passenger side I was the passenger. No wind – No breeze – No slant of car to make this happen. It was a hard slam. My husband thought I had slammed the door but saw in no way I could of done it.

We went to the rangers station in Kerr Dam park and found out many battles happened in that area Indians verses Indians as well as Revolutionary Battles and Civil War Battles — this event convienced us both more that ghosts do exist.

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