Passed loved ones visiting new baby

Having lost my father before having my first child and being told I’d never have children I delivered my baby girl 12 months to the day my father died, the first night back at home after a lengthy stay in hospital both me and my daughter woke in the middle of the night to blinding white light that filed my bedroom woke us both and disappeared. I put it down to having had a general anaesthetic and my daughter woke because I had.

5 years later I was lucky enough to have my son, this time no general anaesthetic and first night back at our home exactly the same in the middle of the night both of us woke to a blinding white light (my husband was asleep on the sofa). This light is like nothing you will ever see it’s whiteness is not comparable to anything I’ve ever seen, and I’ve since been told it’s your passed loved ones visiting the new baby. I believe this totally.

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