Poltergeist being making itself noticed

Well once my kids played a supernatural board game in the house up stairs one night, while giving a party. What a mistake. I’m sure that they opened a portal. And something came through. When this ‘being’ was active it liked to make itself noticed. Here is a typical evening :

1. The Water blasting from the faucet, all by itself, always around 3:00 AM. 2. Our lights would start to turn on and off in the master bedroom. They’d be off when we’re trying to sleep then flip on for several seconds then flip off. Our door was closed and we don’t have the clapper or anything like that.

2. ‘The door’ slams shut by itself…a door that this being liked to play with. It would open the door, it will slam shut again.

3. Noise from second bedroom is ‘coin throwing’…this being liked to throw coins across room into one corner. This is what a poltergeist does. I’d occasionally find pennies.

It is not funny, you do not advertise it, you do not try to profit off of it . You just get your family out as soon as possible!

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