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I am proud of the fact that I try to be a positive and friendly experience with the other humans I run in to day to day. For instance I always will wave someone through on a traffic or stop light even if it is my right of way because it is the proper thing to do. I don’t even mind if you don’t give me my well deserved courtesy wave or nod. I know that I gave you faith that there are still friendly people in your town. I will let an old person or a pregnant lady cut infront of me standing in line. Even if someone comes up short with change I chip in because I hope you would for me someday. When I am patiently waiting for an elevator and have already hit the button and I see a ‘wild butter sloth’ come along through the lobby and nut hug the elevator door as if I wasn’t standing there. Even though I had been waiting 3 minutes prior I let you waddle past me through the elevator doors first, testing the elevators max load capacity! (Occasionally using the stairs is unamerican). I don’t even mind that you hit 4 even though I have to go all the way to the top. It’s a good thing. I like that we can stop there on 4 to release the strain you’ve put on this death cab and potentially pick up as many more whale shark friends as we can along the way to test fate. We can share this cable car as one species. And what’s mine is yours.

When someone is trying to cross the road in a parking lot I do not drive past them I let them walk infront of me. It’s faster this way for everyone and it helps the person trying to cross the road from feeling dumb or awkward standing there waiting to see if the car will go or not. Do you want to just stand there? I wouldn’t Jack. Let pedestrians live and have better time management skills with your speeding through a grocery store parking lot tendencies… You could pancake someones baby.

I live in a gated community and when I am leaving if I see a cable repair guy or food delivery person stuck at the gate trying to get in I will buzz them through with my key chain clicker. I am helping you get your football or food so you can be happy. I figure the possibility of them being serial killers using a disguise to infiltrate the community is very slim and I take this into consideration every time.I encourage strangers that tell me their life story in passing. One thing I am not proud of is when I hold the door for someone at a store, resteraunt, gas station, etc I get very unhappy if I hold the door for you and you look me in the eye and scoot on through without so much as a nod or thank you. I then sometimes get unfriendly thoughts such as snatching you by the back of your hair and yanking you back at of the store letting you open your own god damn door.

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