Precognitive Dream of a traumatic event

I remember this clear as can be it was one late Friday afternoon on April 7, 2001 I came back from work somewhat tired and took a nap in my bedroom. I entered a very deep sleep and I saw in this dream dream that I was lying on my bed and my bedroom door was wide open. I saw my brother’s wife and two children standing outside my bedroom looking out at me with pure sadness. As I lay there I asked my brother’s wife “where was my brother and why he was not with them?” but she looked down without saying anything to me.

That night I could not sleep well for some reason and sat up on my bed at 2 AM (never happened to me before) and feeling bad inside. A sickness in the pit of my belly. I decided to call my brother later in the morning. But at 4 AM I got a call from his son saying his parents were taken to the hospital by an ambulance as his father was going to kitchen to drink water but collapsed on the stairs.

In the hospital my brother was announced dead. I Could never explain this to myself or to anyone. I’ve had similar experiences a few times before that. There must be some power that controls this that science can’t explain to us yet.

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