Prestwich UFO 1950’s

I know there are such things as ‘flying saucers’ as I saw two in the 1950’s. I was bymyself  the first time I witnessed one which was cigar shaped flying low and still in the air. Within 5 to 10 seconds after gazing at this thing it just faded away. It didn’t fly off.  And I definitely know it wasn’t a airplane or barage balloon, which I would have had no problem recognising – being a war child.

The second one was to appear over Prestwich near Manchester when I was standing on the Besses station platform and I got the ticket inspector on the station to come and look at it as a witness. The next day my sister had been visited by a  man who lived in Stockport and was the secretary of a UFO group in Cheshire. I was  living with my sister at that time. He requested that I contact him and I visited to give my ufo report. He had details of reported sitings from all over the UK with drawings of craft reported to him and hundreds of tape recordings made by interviewing those people.

When you get the chance to see anything like this you don’t forget the details ever.

Don’t decry what you have not seen.

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