Preying Mantis pods Unleashed

My boyfriend and his son found a mound of preying mantis pods. There was probably at least 15 little pods. He wanted to take them to school for show and tell so he brought them inside the house. My boyfriend assured me that since the ac was running there was nothing to worry about. That night I had a terrifying nightmare that when I woke up they’d be all over my living room. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they didn’t hatch the next day.

We decided to take a drive on the parkway and have a picnic before we took his son home for the week. We packed all this pods into a side pouch in his backpack. We were out all day and stopped around noon to eat lunch. I was packing up to go back home after the picnic and opened the door of the car to put the stuff away. I thought since it was so bright and hot out that perhaps my eyes were deceiving me. The car fabric appeared to be moving. As my eyes adjusted to the light I could see hundreds of tiny mantis babies covering my backseat and my hand. I screamed some obscenities and flew out of the car. The boyfriend and son laughed hysterically and shooed the little dudes out of the car to make their new home at the parkway visitor center.

They were both impressed by the volume of my lungs. I was not amused. -D

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