Protected from Above

Years ago, I was caring for children when an infant girl swallowed a marble from a game. I performed CPR and tried to get the marble loose as I spoke with the emergency operator. The marble didn’t budge. The baby turned a pale shade of grey with a blue tinge to her lips. Her heartbeat faded and I timed 7 full minutes without a breath. I’ve no words to describe how broken I felt in those moments.

A figure with no discernible shape or features appeared beside me and the most indescribable peace and warmth came over me. I’ve never again felt anything that came close to the sensation. A voice said, lay her on the floor and let her be. I laid her down and waited. The figure moved over her and suddenly she coughed up the marble. Within moments, the warmth and peace left the room and the baby was okay.

Doctors were baffled over her health and no effects from going without breath and heartbeat for over 7 minutes.

Something was there. I sound like a nut but it was there. It was there.

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