Psychic moment

Last night me and my girlfriend had a strange experience. We were getting ready for bed and I was already under the covers getting comfy. I had a rap song that was really stuck in my head that I had been listening to earlier in the car on the drive over to her house. Anyways, she turned on the ceiling fan and turned off the room light. It was completely dark and she slipped into bed along side me. She pulled herself close to my body and said “Goodnight baby” and we tried to find each others lips in the darkness to kiss. I then closed my eyes trying to focus on the sound of the fan spinning and trying to ignore the tune that I could clearly hear in my head. I tried to hopelessly force myself to sleep. The next thing I know my girlfriend is digging her fingernail into my ear canal. I smacked her hand away. She said “Are you listening to your i-pod?” She dug her finger in there again and then reached over to my other ear and did the same. Annoyed I sat up she then sat up and said “I thought you were exhausted, why are you listening to music? Were you listening to music? I was hearing music!” I told her “No, but I had a song stuck in my mind.” Focusing on her now and the conversation I noticed that I was cured and the song was out of my dome and I also didn’t hear any sound at all except the fan. I asked her if she can hear it now and she told me she didn’t either. It wasn’t a car driving by or next door neighbors! She told me that it sounded like I had headphones in but she could hear it right next to her. I asked her if I play the song for her tomorrow would she recognize it and she said she wouldn’t be sure. For some reason I believe we shared some kind of “psychic” moment and that I was somehow projecting the song so that she could hear it. The next day I played the song that was in question for her but she said she couldn’t be certain. There was another time where I was on the phone with her when she had just got out of her math class. There was a brief lull in our conversation and in my head I said “How did you do on your math test?” because I was about to ask her how she did and then she just started answering the question as if I had said it out loud. I interrupted her and said what are you talking about I didn’t say anything. And she said she HEARD me ask about her quiz. But I never said anything! I didn’t get the chance as soon as I thought of the question she started answering. This type of shit happens many times a week in some form it is very insignificant usually. I wish I knew how to make this sense stronger or clearer.

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