Rented a haunted cabin

I never believed in ghosts or anything like that until my wife and I rented a cabin for the summer in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Beautiful on the outside but the eeriest atmosphere on the inside. Our third day staying there we had just eaten lunch on the front balcony and returned to the bedroom to relax in the bed and read a book. I glanced up from my book and saw a little girl standing there and she quickly walked towards the wall and went right through it! I managed to mutter something when I saw her and it got my wife to look up in time to see her go through the wall. It all happened in a matter of 3 seconds or less but it all seemed surreal. The child was almost completely translucent but still could make out what it was. Looking back I don’t remember hearing any sounds from it just remember hearing the thumping of my racing heartbeat trying to keep my composure. There was no way in hell we were going to try and stay there overnight if we saw this thing in the day time and drove to a local inn to stay leaving most of our luggage and toiletries. We did not return to the cabin for almost a week we were completely spooked by what we saw. My wife did not want to return at all but I convinced her we needed to get our things . She was completely silent on the ride there and on the long drive back home she said very little. She finally broke her long moments of silence and began massaging the back of my neck as I drove. Still staring straight ahead out the window she said to me “It was a poltergeist, Mark.” The way she said it was so a matter of fact it gave me goosebumps. Even to this day it is a very touchy subject for her to talk about and it’s not one I care to bring up.

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