Rented haunted home in Prestatyn

i remember living in Prestatyn in 1964. I was stationed there for a year, and we were living in rented furnished accommodation. On the first night, we were there, we heard a voice saying ‘English go home. We put it down to passers-by but were a bit jittery. We both though that the mirror in the hall showed reflections of a dead person but when we turned around there was never any one there. We learned that the elderly couple who had had the house before us died in 1961 whilst driving friends back home to England. We took down the mirror eventually because strange cousin Sigmund saw his late mother one day over his shoulder when he was adjusting his Trilby. We didn’t have bunk beds, thank goodness, but we did have a rocking chair that was forever rocking, even after we’d been out for hour

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