Road Rage

I was at a red light at a traffic stop around 8pm one night and got bored and looked outside my window towards a maroon volkswagen car just slightly ahead of me on the lefthand side. There was a balding man who looked to be in his mid 40’s sitting there in a dress shirt and as soon as I glanced in his direction he proceded to freak the fuck out. The man all of the sudden went from sitting there patiently like most of us to pounding on his stearing wheel and dash board. Smashing his fists on the steering wheel the horn did a half honk a couple times and he then began to aggressively pull on the wheel as if he wanted to rip it off of the car entirely. While doing this I heard a yell through my slightly cracked windows which can only be described as a screaming banshee. This guy lost his mind and scared me and I was in my own car! I actually took the wrong turn when the light turned green because I did not want to drive along beside this lunatic. He probably killed someone that night.

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