rock bottom

At one point in my life I was so hooked on drugs I didn’t know who I was or had any sense of reality. I went to several different pain management clinics to get my fix of oxycodones, xanax, and other various painkillers. I could come up with any excuse to get my scripts. I got so bad I traded in all of my expensive necklaces and grandmas heirloom jewelry for crack cocaine. I was hooked on nubain and was injecting that directly into my veins. I would have fentanyl patches all over my body. There were stints where I’d just find a new drug and get hooked on it for a while. Tried meth and got hooked on that for a while. Tried this and did that for a nice binge. I was just running as hard and as fast as I could from reality. And that was the saddest existence I’ve ever experienced. Man I was mumbling, bumbling and stumbling through life neglecting everything that was important and everyone that loved me. The only thing I would care about was knowing if I had enough pills and drugs to get through the day and if not what could I steal to get the money to get my meds. Don’t turn out like I did. I finally got my shit straight and got my wife back and my family but most lose everything including themselves.

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