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Have you experienced any paranormal or supernatural events that you feel you need to share with us? This is the place for all of your ghostly, and sometimes ghastly, encounters with those of the other world. Be sure to include every detail and, please, only original content that is your own or the experiences of someone you know or have known. Feel free to share your story with our readers; together, we can learn more about the paranormal and supernatural occurrences that are becoming more frequent in the world today.

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  • rivercityfish

    There is a simple fix for these ‘poltergeists, spooks, and phantoms’…………mix one large cauldron pot with; 6 wings of vampire bat, 2 eyes of a great crested newt, one egg of a dragon, 12 whiskers of a snow leopard, 1 liter of ayahuasca tea, 33 pedals of a Kadupul flower, and 666 ounces of holy water from the Vatican…………..boil for 2 hours at a medium heat, then let cool for 1 hour……..

    When cooled stir with a witch’s ladle 333 times, drink half of the content immediately while playing dubstep or Stevie Nicks and pour the other half of it out around your bedroom for all of the ‘lost’ spirits……….This is a guaranteed ‘remedy’ to get rid of ghosts, goblins, gargoyles, devils, zombies, and liberals…..

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  • sleepmonster

    A house I lived in was haunted. There were voices coming through the TV
    when it was turned off but still transmitting static. After that things
    were moving around on there own, silverware bending, glasses breaking,
    dining rooms chairs stacked on top of one another in impossible angles
    etc. . It culminated in my young daughter being taken into a different
    realm through a portal in her closet. We realized she had been taken by
    hearing her voice through the switched off tv set. We had to get this
    medium, a lovely old woman with a beautiful melodic voice, I think her
    name was Mangina, to help us get her back. When we returned from the
    spirit world with my daughter the house was covered in ectoplasm. It
    Turns out that the house was built on an ancient burial ground which the
    property developers omitted to tell us.
    The house soon imploded in on itself into another dimension.

    Then we moved into a hotel.

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