Saw a disc shaped object

UFOs are real I saw a disc shaped object flying in zig zag fashion across a local field. It was silver and made a noise that was nothing earthly. I was with a friend and we were children at the time about ten or eleven. It was back in the seventies and we didnt even have the technology back then that is available on earth today. The way it looked and flew through the air couldnt be done by human craft. Many know of the existance of UFOs but it doesnt get believed. I keep thinking of them now and aliens in my search to make sense of my sighting. It is no good being sketical we need to admit that they are visiting earth. It is what they want that should worry us. If they can benefit us in some way and even bring healing im sure many people would welcome them. It is up to governments to decide what we do though obviously we are going into the unknown. Governments may want to protect people but I dont think they can as we dont know the alien agenda.

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