Scotland UFO 1980’s

In the early eighties I and 22 other people watched a UFO come slowly towards us over half a mile of Scottish moorland near The Bridge of Orchy. It took more than 20 minutes to do so, came within five metres of us, moved around our group and shot off at rapid speed behind a mountain to our rear.

There were twenty three wintnesses. I didn’t even know 20 of the group. I am not a believer in ghosts, psychic abilities nor in any religions. I am an atheist and a militant rationalist and I saw an object at very close quarters that I have never seen the like of before nor since.

I never told anyone about that experience until three years ago when I read an article wherein was a description very similar to my experience and very near to the location of that occurrence . The author had written a book about UFO sightings so I wrote to him describing the incident. Five weeks later he replied in a tone I can only describe as snooty and sneering, airily dismissing my three page account. After that I simply thought ‘Why fucking bother?”. No wonder people don’t talk about these incidents when they are treated with contempt.

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