Seeing is believing

If you seen one like I did then you’ll believe. At age 6 I saw a young girl standing at the foot of my bed. I was sleeping between my grandparents and felt a little secure, but recall that I knew what I was looking at and had a sick tingling sensation in my stomach. I remember that feeling vividly like it was yesterday, but it was 58 years ago.

She was lit up like a a bright candle wearing a plain loose fitting dress with very short sleeves that had some kind of small prints on it, maybe flowers. She had long straight blond, or light colored hair with her arm at her left side. She had the face of an angel, but a totally expressionless stare. Even though she was brightly lit the room was still completely dark with no light reflecting on the walls. The bed had a foot board so I couldn’t see below her hand. I refused to blink and kept my head deep into my pillow with the blanket up to my chin.
She began to go from the right side of the bed to my left, while staring straight ahead and continued to go across the room. My grandmother was lying on her left side. Her hip blocked my view except I was able to see the girl’s hair going down her back. I turned away for an instant to get up and she was gone.

Ghosts are real and can harm you!

– Linda D

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