Shadow being

In 2007 I saw some type of ghostly entity in Winston-Salem, NC. One evening I was out walking my dog in this very nice neighborhood I was living in. A cheap house there would run you $400,000. Well I took my dog for our nightly walk as per usual. We took our usual route and I was walking on one side of the street my dog on the extending leash was walking in the middle of the road. We came up with a house on the right with a big yard. There was a shoe flipped over in the street. Naturally it attracted my dog’s attention. I was still on the other side of the street and she looked like she was being irritated. I walked over and pulled her with me. I kicked over the shoe and it was full of bees. Yellow Jackets to be precise. We quickly moved along and they didn’t seem to follow or bother us. As we approached the corner of the street I saw something moving in my peripheral vision on my right side. It was a large black mass with no discernable shape I could make out. It was even darker black than the surrounding night shadows. I looked at it directly for several seconds. It moved the distance of one powerline pole to the next I’d say maybe 50 feet? When I saw it in my direct line of site it went up to the powerline pole and disappeared behind it. Like it was an old Road Runner Wile E Coyote cartoon where a character could hide behind something a fraction of their size.. The mass was too wide to disappear behind the thin pole. It just disappeared behind it. The mass was darker than the night sky so dark that it stood out quite clearly. It seemed about 6 feet high but the shape was just a morphing mass it didn’t look humanoid i could not see a face or limbs. It is my belief I may have saw a shadow being or shadow person that they mention on the various programs and books. I have also speculated maybe I saw a glimpse of an imprint of time from a traumatic event ie. someone getting attacked by a swarm of bees and running for their life in reference to the shoe filled of bees I saw moments prior. Anyways this really happened to me and this is my first time sharing this.

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