Shadow person in haunted cabin

About 6 months ago when I was still working at a popular shopping mall here in town I was chatting with one of the restaurant owners before closing that night. There was a TV playing one of the ghost hunting shows across the walkway where we were standing and that topic worked its way into our conversation. He began telling me about a hunting cabin he and his wife own out near New Holland in Pennsylvania that they believed to be haunted. I was told about strange sounds in the night he said they thought critters were always trying to get in, but nothing was ever around the cabin when he would go out and inspect with his flashlight. He also told me another story about when they left one morning for a hike they could not get back inside the cabin that the key would not turn all the way it was jammed in some way. Eventually he had to break in through unlatching one of the rear windows. Once inside the door was already unlocked and he said he simply pulled it open with ease. No problems with the lock again.

Well after that night we talked every time we saw each other. Then again the cabin subject was brought up and he offered to let me stay there for a weekend. Now not knowing this guy more than a casual work aquaintance I thought this was really cool of him. He said it was a difficult place to sleep because of the disturbances, but I was more than welcome. He even offered to show me the way when I would decide to go up there.

A few weeks later I took him up on his offer and decided to take a weekend to chill in the woods in (maybe) a haunted cabin. I got my best friend Tom to take the trip with me up there with me. His job was to bring the cooler and grub. Now I did get my work pal to drive ahead of us to show us the way since it was out in the middle of nowhere. When we got there he showed us in and asked us if we were going to hunt. We told him no just some simple fishing and hiking. He asked “No guns then?” I told him no and wondered if he had plans to kill us. He quickly followed with “Oh well be careful of bears..” The cabin was rather small, but had 3 nice rooms, bed, bath, kitchen/living with a little fire place. My friend asked my workmate if he’d like to have a beer with us before he left. He declined and said we should unpack our things from the car, but my friend insisted and said he had unpacked what was most important. (He is one of those guys that wanted everyone to have fun with him.)

We all grabbed a beer from the cooler and opened them. Me and my workmate had our backs to where the fireplace was and Tom was sitting on a wooden chair facing us. My workmate was talking with my friend about brandy and scotch and how he rarely drinks beer when my friend looked like he tuned out of the conversation. His mouth was partially open and his eyes looked water. That’s when my workmate had turned around and made a gasp. He bumped my should and I turned my body and right infront of the little fire place was a blacker than black body of someone just standing there almost motionless.

For 30 seconds we all just stood there watching it. It stayed right there but the outline of it was moving like breathing. Then it just faded into the back round. Without saying a word the workmate regained his wits and was out the door in a flash. My friend Tom was still sitting there completely thrown for a loop. I chased out the door after my coworker and yelled “Where are you going? Is this the shit you were talking about?” Without even turning around he said “That’s ENOUGH for me.” and he started his car and went back down the hill.

Going back inside my friend Tom was still staring in the direction of the fireplace. I said Tom let’s go! He faintly said OK. Forgetting the cooler we had the rest of our stuff still in the truck and we left right after the owner. No f***** way we were staying there. Tom said he had serious problems continuing his daily grind and focusing on regular life now. It took him a long time to shake the feeling of it all. We KNOW these things are real now. I always felt like these things could be real so maybe it is easier for me to come to terms with. There are amazing things that happen we can’t prove or are really accepted by the public. It is not something to fear it should be embraced and studied.


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