Shoes exploded off my feet

I was walking to my car on the sidewalk in a rush to get to work. I had thrown on an old pair of sneakers that i found back in the closet and thought hwat the heck where these bad boys it’s been a long time. I knew they were old and couldn’t remember the last time i wore them but they still looked like they were in good condition and i put em on. So i’m walkin to my car and all the sudden i hear i peeling sound like something sticky and my bottom half of my shoe peels right off on the sidewalk. I look down at my other shoe and it felt floppy i push on the bottom and off pops the bottom of the other shoe. A lady who was sitting on her porch said ‘hey nice shoes what kind are they?’ i told her they were ‘nike drop tops’ and tried to pickup the other halfs of my shoes scurry back to my apartment almost busted my ass the ground so slippery with no traction in my new wrestling shoes. i threw them shits away. so anyways


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