Sick of the judgement

I am a very large man, only “appearing” fairly healthy to the average eye. I use the handicap permit, and was issued it do too being placed on a lung transplant list, I cant walk more than 30 feet without being completly out of air. Yet, when I exit my vehicle I feel like I should hobble around or something under the scrutney of many :self imposed wanna be Handicap police.: Its humiliating, and embarrasing to be unable to walk like your average person. To add to it a fake limp to satisfy your (You know who you are) need to justify me parking there only adds to the frustration. I cant help but note my experience one day at the wonderful shopping experience that is walmart. I tried to park in the only available handicap space and the worthless “SECURITY CAR” was sitting “IN” the handicap spot. Needless to say guys, I confronted the “Guard” whom insisted she was doing nothing wrong! That heffer was just sitting there was no security investigation. Shruggin off my complaint that I should be able to park there she finally added she could even park on the sidewalk if she chose to. She could park anywhere in the world she said. I yelled at the lady what she needed to be there for and she said it was not of my concern and while she does that she uses the space for the “handicapped” people that are continuing circling the parking lot waiting for her to move her fat A@#. I gave up on the honey boo boo security guard and told her i would call the store manager instead of wasting my lighted breath fighting with her over my rights. In summary, dont prejudge, unless the car has a flashing light on its roof! In which case, give him/her hell…

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