Silent Black Triangle

In 2000 I & 100’s of others watched a huge, flat black triangular craft silently & very slowly fly over a nearby airport. It made large jetliners look small and any plane going that slow would have fallen out of the sky. It was absolutely silent, flew into the wind, was in unobstructed view for 5 minutes & had a flat course. It was daytime, clear weather, sunshine & no mistaking what we saw. Altitude of craft about 1500 ft & distance away about the same. It had no windows, markings, or engine exhaust ports, just a smooth surface everywhere. It had to have been radar tracked & observed by control tower staff. Official statement from nearby military and airport – nothing was tracked or visually seen, case closed. News media had brief mention of it, making fun of anyone who reported seeing it. Chinese lanterns? Birds? Clouds? I hardly think so………….

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