Silver disc sighting in Jacksonville, FL October 8, 2015

A typical Thursday morning I was headed to get to work in the morning when I saw something that could have caused me to wreck. I was turning off onto the I-295 East beltway towards Philips exit 60 when as I am trying to merge in the sunny sky I see this long silver object reflecting the sun rays. At my initial glance I thought it was a low flying commercial airliner as seeing a busy sky is common place on this side of the Jacksonville, the airport is not too far.

As I looked at it for a few more seconds while also trying to not get hit by speeding traffic it was very apparent it was a fairly quick moving disc. No doubt I am looking at a disc! A flying saucer if you will. It was going in a slowly arced descent. The way the sun hit it was like seeing a wet silver BMW on a summer day pulling out of a car wash. I saw it for about 12 seconds in about three 4 second bursts while looking back to the road. Even saying to myself don’t kill yourself trying to look at this thing. I got onto a stable lane of traffic it was nowhere to be seen in the sky from my view. When the traffic hit a crawl I was looking over at other drivers to see if anyone was looking up or acting excited. It didn’t look that way.

I guess I was the only one to see it? A mind bending way to start my morning at the office that’s for sure! -Mikey V.

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