Silver orb/probe?

Driving down a country road in the spring of 2002 while I was living Salt Lake City, I saw my first and only UFO for a few minutes. It was early afternoon and I saw a shiny ball infront of me while going down this straight and narrow road. At first glance I paid it no attention as I thought it was an alluminum balloon blowing in the wind. As there was no traffic at this moment there was nothing to observe out my window except for the shiny ball. It made some incredible manuevers infront of my vehicle that I still have a tough time describing. It basically moved like an insect or humming bird. It could make several loops and then stop on a dime and just float there. It was hard to tell exactly how big it was by the way it moved and how fast I was going but I can say it was around the size of a old VW bug. As soon as I saw this object move like that and the way it reflected the sun light my balloon theory quickly popped. The material looked like a type of reflective mylar but it seemed to emit light eternally as well as reflecting the sunlight if that makes any sense. I watched it still driving and paying less and less attention to the road and my steering. The object zigged and zagged about and it shot up higher and I couldn’t see it out my windshield anymore but I saw it in my sunroof window and as I began to look through the sunroof I lost control of the car and ran off the main road onto this gravel embankment. I sat there in the cloud of dirt and kept my grip onto the steering wheel still stairing at my front window. The object was long gone. I sat there for 15 minutes before I could shake the strange feeling I had and try to get back on the road. I’m not sure why but I was so fixated on this craft I went almost into a trance of awe. This was most certainly unidentafiable. It moved faster than the likes of any jet or missle I have ever witnessed in my 47 years of life. I don’t think I’ll ever know what that big shiney light ball really was but it seemed like a technology eras above anything that we have currently today.

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