Sleep Paralysis and Dark Hooded Figure

I’ve had sleep paralysis, each time involving the same dream. I dream that I am in fact lying in bed, my bedroom is exactly as it is in real life. But in my dream I am woken by the sound of slow, heavy footsteps on the stairs. The footsteps eventually reach my bedroom door, which then slowly starts to open, when the door is about 10-12 inches open a dark hooded figure puts his head through the gap and stares at me, but too dark to see a face. At that point I try to scream or move to nudge my partner but I can’t move or speak. Each time I’ve just closed my eyes and willed it to disappear and then I eventually fall asleep. Some of those occasions I’ve sensed it moving nearer to me, other times it just goes. It has happened in different houses, but all the same dream.

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