slow coloured ufo

I know they exist, I saw one years ago when I was young. No sound,very large and slow moving and coloured lights going round the bottom. After we were shocked at the sight of this object we rushed to the front of the house for a second look, but it was gone. We searched the skies for weeks after in the hopes of seeing another, but never did. Oh, I wish they would come and repair this planet and it’s people who are only hell bent on making money and destroying everything….what a sad lot we are. They are obviously more intelligent than us for they can come and go at speeds we can not imagine. I personally think they live in a parallel universe…..maybe one day we will all REALLY know with proof that has not been hushed up by the Governments. They know these beings exist but try and keep it under wraps. I have other experiences too….i may share here later. Let them come and land in my garden, I’d go willing to get out of here!

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