Some kind of ‘Body field’ interferes with my life

I do not know what to call this event. Here goes. One night about a year ago I was out walking my dog in the late evening. He was doing circles in the grass and I am facing a street lamp looking at it. It slowly turns off. Maybe it died I thought so still looking that way at the next light it goes off too. Strange. Maybe they are on a timer I thought. I keep walking towards a third light and just stare at it not really thinking anything and it dims out too. I figure the rest will go off now for some reason and just turn around and take him back towards the house. I see all these other street lights on light they are supposed to at night on the neighboring streets. I’m walking in a straight line with my dog soon about to turn a right corner so I stare at one more light directly infront of us maybe 400feet away. I just look at it and keep walking and it goes off. For me that was just too much more than a coincidence. I’m not saying I control the street lights but it was very very strange to me and I waited around in the driveway to see if anymore would go off and they didnt after so I went inside.

Other weird things like that are at work if I go over to someones office or cubicle to visit they say they are working on such and such and then their program and work will freeze often times losing it. They would say it was just fine until I came by. I want to blame the programs that they run yet it keeps happening time after time after time to me. When I go into retail stores I will trigger the theft alarms as I am entering the building and usually after I leave too that gets embarassing especially if I don’t buy anything!!

There are many pieces of heavy equipment that we use at my job and it can be brand new just used by a peer and if I push a simple button like UP or ON a keypad it dies and it takes a team of guys to try and fix it. There are three pieces of expensive equipment I am referring to in recent days that I just simply touched had to order new parts from germany that were on back order and we could not use for a long time. I am highly trained and don’t believe in bad luck.

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