Some psychic ability and out of body

I could do this all the time as a child , just be doing something or laying down relaxed and I would fly out of my body. I was usually floating across the room and could see my body on the sofa perfectly still. I never told anyone. I did not understand it although I knew I could do it every time I cleared my mind of all things and only thought of floating out of my body. As an adult, I have not tried to really do this again. I do believe it is possible for me to do it again with some practice and patience. Perhaps when you become an adult your mind is filled with so much clutter that you don’t have all the senses working as when a child to just make it happen naturally.

I do have some psychic ability which I do not pursue because things have come true through this ability. My Mother was the same. We both saw deaths in our family which happened within a day of our visions. I have seen my grandchildren in visions before they were born. I have seen small world events happen before they happened (most of them tragic). No, I am not a mental patient. I am a perfectly capable adult that leads a normal life with no criminal record.

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